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Winter poses a lot of challenges for natural hair. From harsh winter winds outdoors to rapid temperature changes, it is a season that is extremely unfriendly to hair. Since Louise Bailey’s extensions are made of virgin human hair, they also need a little love and attention to stay safe during the winter. Even though my extension products are very durable and long-lasting, they do require a bit of care every now and then, especially if you wish to use them for a long time. So, I have outlined a winter care guide for tape or any type of extensions that you have.

Use sulfate-free hair care products

Caustic drying ingredients and chemicals like, lather-creating sulphates typically found in shampoos and conditioners strip the hair’s natural oils and damage the cuticle layer. As your extensions will not get a top up of natural oils from the scalp as your natural hair, it is important that you take steps to protect them. This is why you should only make use of sulphate-free hair care products when washing your extensions. If you need help deciding the products that you should get, contact me.

Make it a habit to brush your extensions

Previously, shedding, matting and tangling were some of the biggest challenges with extensions. With out hair extensions we can guarantee that matting and shedding is the least of your concerns. Unfortunately, tangling is still an issue that gets aggravated during the cold months. You can take care of tangling through gentle brushing. However, ensure not to use plastic or. metal bristly brushes as that can damage the extensions. Also, be gentle and always brush from the roots to the tip. I recommend a good natural bustle brush to set angle your locks.

Wear a headscarf or hat when going outside

The cold winds and damp air can make your natural hair and extensions frizzy. The best way to protect your hair when going outdoors is wearing a headscarf or hat made of satin or silk linings. They are ideal to use as they do not absorb moisture and do not allow strands of hair to rub together.

So, these are a few helpful tips that you need to keep in mind to keep your hair extensions protected from the cold, harsh winter.

If you are considering getting extensions, Louise Bailey can provide you tape hair extensions near you in London. I only make use of premium quality extension products.

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