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Unless you have been genetically blessed with thick beautiful hair you  have most likely at sometime considered hair extensions. Many women worry about what type of hair extensions they should go with. Your choice should be based of the type of person you are and the type of life style you lead!

Do you have a super busy life style with barely enough time to run a brush through your hair? Or are you the sort of person who is up at the crack of dawn contouring and fixing your hair before you leave for work with great care? Well lets get something straight….. Having any type of hair extensions take extra work and if you are not able or willing to take that extra time to look after them then you seriously need to consider if hair extensions are for you at all! If not looked after they can damage and break your hair!

So what types of hair extensions should you choose? Here is a break down of my favourite 3!



Tape in hair extensions are becoming so popular as they take substantially less time to apply and remove! With tape in hair extensions you can have a full head applied within an hour.

Tape extensions are great if you are going from quite short to long. The reason for this is they give good coverage as they are on a strip of tape that sit flat to the head. Therefore avoiding any stringiness that can often occur with pre bonded application. But can also can be used for just a bit of volume

Tape in hair extensions are also cost effective as the hair is reusable! They last around 6 weeks, you can then get the hair re-taped and reapplied.


clip in

Clip in hair extensions are perfect if you are not ready to fully commit to hair extensions yet or if you only want to occasionally spruce up your hair.

The great thing about Clip in extensions is you have to spend zero time in the hair extensionists chair and can be completely flexible as to when you wear them.

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair. They deliver longer, thicker hair in an instant. Quite often, though, clip-in extensions come in multiple pieces but I recommend the Extension Professional clip ins as they are spread over only 2 pieces which give the most natural look I have seen.


v bond

These are individual bonds usually made up of keratin that is applied using either a cold fusion or hot fusion machine. The V shaped bond is the most widely used and can be applied using either of the above methods. Extension professional offer these great 1g V shape bonds and are defiantly a popular method.

The draw back is they can take several hours to apply a full head. That being said the good thing about these is they work well on fine hair and a few bonds can just be applied just to add thickness.

The choices are vast but truthfully I would always say research what you are looking for and find a good company who can offer you advise and a good service.

Good luck!



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