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As anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about creating natural looking hair extensions. My passion is so far embedded in me that I have actually started up my hair extension brand Extension Professional and have created a hair extension training course that I use to teach fellow hairdressers who have made the decision to expand their skills in to hair extensions.

I love to share my skills and experience with like minded people! Below I have listed the important points that any good hair extensionists should keep in mind when trying to achieve natural looking hair extensions.

1. Always offer free consultations to you clients so you can determine if the clients hair is suitable and to get the perfect colour match for them.

2. When you book your client in be organised. make sure you have checked the hair before your client arrives and that you are completely happy.

3. When starting your application ensure that you set strong foundations in you work by ensuring that you have clean sections and apply the bonds to strong hair.

4. After you have applied the hair extensions one of the most important factors in getting natural looking hair extensions is the cut. Take time to get the cut right. Do not leave behind square stumpy ends of the hair extensions, they should blend seamlessly.

5. Make sure your client understands what the aftercare procedures are for her to maintain her new hair extensions. If the client doesn’t look after her extensions her lovely natural looking hair extensions that you slaved over will soon look a mess!

Good luck 🙂

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