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When you are a blushing bride getting your hair right on your big day is a serious business. There are so many options to go for, half up half down, a beautiful up do, hair down and straight, half down a wavy….. the list goes on and on. But many brides no matter what style they choose want their hair to look as thick and full as humanly possible. I mean the photos are going to last a life time!

Most women look in to hair extension to give their hair the boost it needs on their special day. Then comes the age-old dilemma – which ones to choose? Well the two main options are clip in hair extensions or the more permanent option of tape in or bond extensions. My personal preference is tape in extensions.

I do lots of blushing brides hair and I do recommend the tape hair method. I currently a brand called Hairdreams which is internationally recognised as supplying the best hair extensions in the world. I use the tape hair extension product called Hairdreams Quikkies which, when applied correctly, is the safest, fastest method of applying hair extensions on the market right now.

If you don’t want anything quite as permanent you can go for clip in hair extensions for your big day. The only problem is they can look a little but less natural and can be slightly bulky depending on what brand you have chosen.

The great thing I feel about getting your tape extensions for your wedding day is that you can then wear them on honeymoon! Many people ask me about how they extensions will be in the sun and in a swimming pool that has chlorine. The fact of the matter is if you have chosen a good brand of extensions and follow a couple of rules your hair extensions will be fine on honeymoon too.

Firstly when away always make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after being in the pool or in the sea. Secondly ensure you keep your hair moisturised and hydrated as being in the sun for prolonged periods can dry out not only extension but your natural hair too. Use a serum on the mid lengths and ends avoiding the tapes. This should help keep your extensions looking their best.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brides Magazine giving all my advice to brides to be. Here is the link to that amazing article:

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