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Hair extensions are the way to go if you are looking for a simple and easy technique for changing  your hairstyle. Louise Bailey’s wide range of extensions in beautiful colours to match one’s natural hair is the quickest, chemical-free and affordable way to have gorgeous locks. I only make use of premium quality European hair for my products and implement the safest extension application methods. My clientele includes some of the biggest and hottest names in the celebrity world, and my work has been heavily featured in well-known magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Brides Magazine.

Whilst I specialise in tape hair extensions, I am also the creative director of Extension Professional that specialises in providing a broad selection of clip-in extensions. When it comes to extensions, I have come across women facing a common dilemma – tape-ins or clip-ins? Allow me to clear some of that confusion for you.

Temporary Vs. Semi-permanent

Clip-ins are an instant solution to add length or volume to natural hair. It is a temporary solution as the extensions only need to be clipped into one’s natural hair. So, you can easily remove them after a party and wear it again when another party comes up. I do not recommend these for every day wear.

On the other hand, tape extensions are semi-permanent extensions and perfect if you are looking for a solution to hide your hair problems like, thinning menopausal hair or a bad cut. I can help apply the tape extensions to your natural hair and you can forget about them for six to eight weeks.  After that, you can come to me and re-apply the tape extensions. Reapplication is important because your natural hair will be growing in those weeks.

Restrictions Vs. No Restrictions

As I said, clip-ins are instant solutions to have beautiful-looking hair. Even though I use 100% human hair for clip-ins, it is not recommended that you wear them when working out, swimming or even sleeping. The clips might hurt your head and dame your natural hair,  Tape hair extensions in London does not come with such issues. Once I tape them in, you can treat it as your natural hair and carry out your daily styling and activities.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Your selection of the type of extension largely depends on your hair quality and purpose. Both the options are great. If you are still confused, come to Louise Bailey for consultation.

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