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Modern millennials invest lots of time, money and effort into getting that perfect look. Frequently snapping content for various social media channels, in return boosting their likes and comments.

If you are anything like that, you would know the importance of looking your best at all times. Unfortunately, even if you have your makeup and outfit on point, your hair might sometimes disappoint you and simply refuse to look as voluminous and shiny as you might want it to. But, say goodbye to such bad hair days because Louise Bailey is here with her incredible selection of tape hair extensions in London.

“As a hair extensionist with years of training and experience, I only advocate safe extension methods and tape hair extensions are one of my favourites.”

Women love to look and feel their best for all formal occasions. Weddings, press events, balls, formal events and engagement parties are some of the special occasions where you might need Louise’s expertise and skills as a tape hair extensionist.

The preparation and build up is sometimes the best part of attending special occasions or events but If your hair is not going with your dream outfit, you may want to consider turning to tape hair extensions.

You can book in with Louise to add the all important length and volume that you need, and you can make any hairstyle with tape extensions, without worrying about damaging your natural hair.

Your wedding day!

This is probably the most important day in any woman’s life. As a bride, you want to look your very best and stand out from the crowd. But, you are having a bad hair day? Hair too short? All these problems will go away if you opt for tape extensions. These extensions will help you get the desired bounce and length, and there is no need for you to worry that the extensions will come out. You can dance the night away and no one will know that you are wearing extensions.

So, do you have any special event or occasion coming up? Even if you want to look your best every single day, tape hair extensions can make that happen for you. Also, Louise offers tape extensions made from 100% Russian human hair, which means that they will look and behave exactly like your own hair.

Get in touch with Louise Bailey to start your hair transformation journey. You can come in for a free consultation, she also offers full hair colour transformations to blend with your new hair extensions

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