Tape hair Extensions

Louise is a Tape hair extension specialist and has applied countless number of heads of hair to her client’s heads, louise offers the best tape extension application and styling for her clients in London.

Tape hair extensions are by far the becoming the most popular damage free type of hair extensions worldwide. The USA and UAE cottoned on to this being the safest most natural looking method a few years ago and the UK Market is only just catching up now.


How the tape system works?

Clean sections of the natural hair are sandwiched between two pieces of tape hair spaced out in a special section pattern around the head so the client achieves the look she requires. The client is also still able to still tie her hair up without seeing the tapes with Louise’s application and positioning of the tapes.


The Tapes system needs to be maintained around every 6 to 10 weeks depending on the thickness of the client’s natural hair to start with. Thinner hair needs more regular maintenance where as normal hair is every 8 weeks and thicker hair can last up to 10 weeks.


How Tape hair extension maintenance works

On your maintenace appointment your will have the taped hair removed and the tapes will cleaned retapted your natural hair will be washed and given a trim if required. The newly retaped hair will be rapplied back near to the scalp area once again.

Prices for tape extensions are only quoted when Louise has seen the clients hair in pictures or in person. The maintenance cost for a normal full head is £250 this could be more or less depending on amount of hair used.

Louise uses the finest quality hair in the world which is a tape system called Richy hair extensions used by the likes of jenifer Lopez and many other Hollywood stars. Louise uses this brand as it supports the high quality of her work. The hair is European hair and comes with a slight wave or straight. This particular tape system does not fall out the hair and is removed from the natural hair with ease leaving no damage and no sticky residue on the hair. The tapes are very flat and invisible in the hair. All the above points are key to finding a good product that will last and does not damage the client’s natural hair.

There are many different tape products on the market and some of the products are great quality and some are terrible the choice of product will determine weather the client has a good or bad experience with the tape product. You will only hear bad reviews about the tape product when a bad quality product is used or it is not applied by a highly trained technician.

Remember your hair is precious takes a long time to grow back so please make sure you do your research when opting to have hair extensions to find the best tape hair extensions look no further than louise.