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I have recently started using tape hair extensions on some of my mixed-race clients. Black hair is usually unruly and takes ages to grow. Most black woman spend fortunes on their hair each month to get a weave put in to make their hair longer. A weave is done by plaiting the customer’s hair tight to the head then hair extensions that are on a weft and are seen to the client’s head literally with a needle and a thread.

The problem with a weave is because all the hair is plaited so tightly at first to the head that it can really stress the natural hair out. Once it starts to grow it then gets bulky and the hair extensions that are seen to the weave start to stick out from the head and can look very wiggly.

The other problem with the weave is it needs to be moved up about every 4 to 6 weeks and the hair that is used for these weaves is normally very cheap and after a bit of wear the hair becomes dry and doesn’t look very real.  Most black women tend to not reuse the hair, so they must pay for new hair each time, then for each track to be seen in every 4 weeks.  As you can imagine this can become very costly and takes a lot of time to get the weave attached and then taken off again every 4 weeks.

So, I have discovered that tape hair extensions are the answer to every black or mixed-race girl’s hair mares. Black hair grows so slowly they can get away with wearing tape hair exensions for around 3 months which is more than a person with Caucasian hair can.

Also, black hair does not need to be washed so often so it can blow dried once a week with the tapes in and it just looks as good as the day it was washed.

Having tape hair extension on afro hair means you can reuse the hair if it’s a good quality brand up to 3 to 4 times if the product is of good quality. Tape hair extensions will also need less maintenance than a weave.  Tapes will only need to be moved up the head every three months. The afro or mixed-race hair needs to be relaxed or Brazilian blow dried then the tapes can be attached super easily.

Tapes on afro hair create the most natural looking hair for black or mixed- race ladies, the hair moves like natural hair whilst wearing them giving beautiful shiny healthy looking hair. Tapes are a lot less bulky than the weave to making them much more comfortable for the wearer.

Please see the above picture of my client with Mixed race hair wearing tape hair extensions.


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