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I could not even begin to tell you or even imagine how many hair extensions I have applied in my time as a hair extensionist! MILLIONS probably over the years. Since starting up my company Extension Professional I have been trying to educate everyone on not only the importance of keeping up the the maintenance of your hair extensions but also the things that are good or bad for your lovely locks!

One thing that I have found is the grim reaper of hair extensions is salt/sulphate, It  is found in an amazing amount of products! Salt will damage the bonds and can also dry out and even dis-colour the hair extensions too! Many shampoos contain sulphate. These shampoos can cause the bonds to weaken and break down leading to them falling out. You should always take the advice of you extensionist but if in doubt check the label!

A lot of my clients also come to me saying “I want hair extensions for my holiday”. To me this sets alarm bells ringing. If one of my clients plan to go on a sun holiday then my immediate advice is wait until you come back to have them done. The reason for this is when we are sunning it up on holiday our hair is also sunning it up!  While we are on the beach we will probably take a little swim in the sea then go back and to sunbathe, all the while our poor hair extensions are getting baked with the salt from the sea. Without a doubt this will effect your hair extensions. You are more than likely to encounter some bond loss from this and maybe even a little discoloration as the salt strips your precious hair! I had a client who did not heed my advice and whilst out swimming on holiday she had little water snake of a hair extension swimming next to her as her bonds began to slip out! Embarrassing much?!!

Of course we all want to look good on holiday but not taking my advice could be an expensive mistake! That being said if you do decide to wear your extensions while on holiday or have already had some applied and your holiday is imminent my advice is avoid the sea at all cost and rinse your hair immediately after swimming with fresh water. Finally a sun hat will also protect your hair!

Hope my little words of wisdom help!

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