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As an experienced hair extensionist, Louise Bailey knows that your hair is your crowning glory. It is the perfect hair that adds that extra zing to an outfit. If the hair is not right, it can break your overall look. I understand that we have all been through bad hair days when we just do not want to step out and face the world. For some, bad hair days are a regular affair as they might be suffering from menopausal hair , to a bad hair cut or such other hair woes.

I, Louise Bailey, have the ideal solution for you – Richy hair UK. Richy hair extensions are one of the best on the market and I use these extensions to help women achieve their hair dreams. These extensions are made from premium quality European human hair and they have their cuticles intact. Richy hair extensions are made in various lengths and colours, and they are the solution that you are looking for.

I am a proud member of the hair dressing council and from my experience, I can tell you that when it comes to tape hair extensions, Richy hair is up there with the best of the best  The brand uses Siberian Russian hair. Their extensions have a wave to it and it looks absolutely natural. Also, since the cuticles are not removed from the extensions, they remain tangle-free and blend seamlessly with the natural hair .

As I have mentioned before, Richy hair comes in a multitude of shades. This is why you will not have a problem finding the right shade for you. A number of celebrities prefer Richy extensions over the other brands available in the market. Moreover, I have worked closely with the brands to give them my feedback on how to improve the hair extensions products

So, do you want long, flowy gorgeous hair? If you do, contact Louise Bailey. I have worked with various women over the course of several years and have helped them transform the way they look. Whether you want to add a little bit of length, volume or weight, or wish to have a different appearance, I can help you achieve that using hair extensions.

Louise always implements the safest extension application methods. I treat extensions with the same care and love as I treat my natural hair, and make sure that clients are always happy with the final results.

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