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Now that Boris Johnson has announced that the lockdown is gradually going to be lifted, it means that we will be able to go out and about more, and of course we girls all still want to look our absolute best. That means that our hair needs to look gorgeous as always, and for a lot of people that means hair extensions. There is no getting away from the fact that celebrities are not going skimp or scrape when it comes to the look of their hair and will still have those extensions in to give them that bounce and gloss that they always have, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

To that end, we at Hair-extensionslondon are still open to help you with your extensions, simply taking one client at a time, but you can book your appointment for whenever you wish.

One of the advantages of the tape-in hair extensions that we use is that, once they are installed, they will last for several weeks before you need a re-tape. Some people use Great Lengths hair extensions in London as these are sourced from ethical traceable human hair from India. However, we prefer to use only the very best human hair which has been sourced from Europe whenever possible and for that reason we prefer the Richy hair extensions. We are also a big fan of Hairdreams “Quikkies” which are ethically sourced as well.

As a Member of the Hairdressing Council, Louise Bailey has worked with both brands in order to assist them with technical knowledge and marketing strategies and to help promote their products to a much wider audience. As far as we are concerned, only the very best is good enough for us, and more importantly, for our clients.

Richy hair extensions are sourced from the very finest virgin hair from Europe which os processed very carefully keeping the natural structure of the hair in tact,. The Richy Diamond Collection is handpicked with care and great delicacy and uses a special processing technology which consists of de-pigmentation and the use of cold dyeing baths in order to ensure that the hair cuticles remain intact and to preserve the hair in its’ natural pristine condition. We can provide Richy Diamond Collection hair extensions in your choice of natural shades which means that only minimal processing may be necessary to achieve the desired colour and will maintain the hair’s natural silkiness and strength.

Louise Bailey is a big fan of Hairdreams “Quikkies” which are ethically sourced as well, and which start out as a high-grade dark hair which is then gently lightened using a proprietary oxidation process. Hairdreams then tone the hair to match their extensive selection of colours. They also use a hand selection process to make certain that every piece is nothing short of top quality and that all the cuticles lie in one direction. This means that you get healthy and shiny hair throughout the entire period of wearing, without any matting or tangling.

However, it is not entirely about the products that we use, but also the way in which we apply tape hair or bonded extensions. If they are not applied correctly, hair extensions can not only cause damage to the natural hair, but in some instances the tapes or bonds may also be visible. With Louise Bailey’s years of experience, together with the top-quality extensions that we use, that will not happen. Not only that, the tapes we use do not do what some products do, and that is leave a sticky mess when they are removed from the hair. We can remove a set of tapes in 10 minutes or less.


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