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Over the last decade hair extensions have become a must have accessory.  With demand all over the world for this luxurious product  some unqualified people are trying to tap in to this market hoping to make a quick buck! Untrained people with no experience or hairdressing back ground are going out applying hair extensions at quite often a very cheap price.  This is a pet peeve of mine! Below is an example of how hair extensions should NOT look!

Sadly there is a bit of a  grey area so to speak as the hairdressing council has nothing in place to stop untrained people calling themselves hair extensionists. In December 2012 Habia who are the government appointed body withdrew its course accreditation’s for hair extension courses as it was identified that that non hairdressers were being sold courses.

If the person applying hair extensions has not been trained this can lead to serious damage to the clients hair often leading to bald patches and pain. Theses are the people giving the industry a bad name!

Correct training is so important! Any reputable course will not train anyone who does not at least hold an NVQ level 2 in hairdressing!  My Brand Extension Professional ensures all trainees are qualified hairdressers and are closely monitored. In contrast to the how extensions should not look is how our extensions should and do look!

So please beware of these cowboys and only choose the best hair extensions!

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