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Many girls and women have hair that they would like to appear fuller and longer, and one way to achieve this is to use tape hair extensions. These will give your hair a more voluminous look and it makes the possibility of different styles almost endless.

There are different types of extension that you can use, and if you want to change your look for a special night out, you can use clip-ins. They are non-adhesive, and you can clip them in and take them out again. Another option is extensions that are sewn in, and these can last for as long as three months.

But tape hair extensions are the happy medium. They have several benefits, not the least of which is that they are very easy to apply and to remove, they don’t damage your hair, and they look completely natural because they lie almost flush against your head compared with other types which have thicker bases which may protrude.

Furthermore, tape-in extensions reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the chair, and this means quite a time saving on your maintenance appointments. Louise Bailey is an expert at these tape extensions, and she can remove them in ten minutes or so. The tape method requires the services of a skilled specialist and also the use of top-quality hair extensions. There are some very poor-quality ones on the market, and they can cause some serious problems when it comes to removing them.

It is not just removing the tapes: that’s the easy bit. The problem is that a poor product will leave a sticky residue in the hair. Louise has found that it can take as long as an hour and a half just to get rid of the sticky residue, and it pulls the natural hair and causes it damage. The product that Louise uses is out in ten minutes and leaves no sticky residue whatsoever.

These extensions are also quicker to attach. They lie flat against the head so give a more natural and seamless look and feel, and they can be attached without any tools, cutting down the time of a glued extension by a good half or more.

When it comes to a maintenance appointment, the time will depend on the thickness of your natural hair. Thin hair needs maintenance every six weeks or so, whereas thicker hair can go to eight or ten weeks. Louise will remove the tapes, clean and wash them and re-tape them. Your natural hair will be washed, and trimmed if required, and then the tapes will be re-applied.

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