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Louise Bailey is without doubt one of the leading hair extension specialists in the UK. She has created courses on hair extensions which have been accredited thourgh HABIA – the Hair And Beauty Industry Authority – and one of her courses has also been accredited by BABTAC – the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology. For the past three years, Louise has also been one of the four judges at the Hair-Dressers Journal UK Hair Extension Competition at the Salon International, so she certainly knows her stuff. In addition, she is a member of the Hairdressing Council.

Louise can be found in the Hair & Beauty Salon in Harrods and also at another salon near Oxford Circus. She has many celebrity clients who visit her regularly in order to keep their hair extensions in top condition and to ensure that they always look their best. For celebrities, it is an essential part of their life that they always look nothing short of stunning and are able to turn heads, and it is hair extension specialist Louise that they rely on to make certain that is exactly what happens.

Louise is a great believer in tape hair extensions because with her 18 years of experience she has found these to be the kindest to the natural hair. It allows the hair to continue to grow – as it will anyway – and gives the most natural groomed look. It also allows for the most even distribution of the volume of hair through the head with complete safety.

Having said that, it requires an expert to apply the tapes correctly so that they are invisible and that they do not cause alopecia – or hair loss – which can happen if they are not placed correctly.

It is also important to use a top-quality product. Louise has found that when she has a new client who has been using cheap tape hair extensions – not knowingly, of course – and she removes it, there is a sticky mess left behind which can take forever to get out the clients natural hair. She uses a special product that ensures that the hair extensions will be removed quickly and efficiently and will leave no sticky residue at all.

All of Louise’s work is bespoke because, as she says, every head is different. This means that she cannot quote prices until she has seen what the client wants, the length of the natural hair, and so on. What you can be sure of when you use Louise Bailey is that you will look like a million dollars.

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