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Having hair extensions is an absolute blessing when you have less than perfect hair. There are lots of types of hair extensions to choose from and they can truly make you feel a million dollars but when summer comes around you must take a little bit of extra care when it comes to looking after your hair extensions

The key to looking after your extensions in the summer is to keep them well moisturised and nourished. Just like our skin our hair can get dried out with a lot of exposure to the sun. If you have hair extensions during the summer months or while on holiday you must make sure that you keep your hair hydrated. Use serums or oils on the mid lengths and ends of your hair to give your hair the boost it needs. This will keep your extensions as well as your natural hair super soft! Where possible also use a protecting spray before going out.

You should try to avoid too much contact with chlorine and salt water but of course this very likely to happen during the summer months or if you are going on a well earned break. The best thing you can do in this situation is rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming. Don’t leave the chlorine or salt water to sit in your hair. A good idea that works well is tie your hair up when swimming. It is also a good idea to not stay in the water for too long. Too much time in the sea or pool can start to wear on your tapes. This will diminish the life span of your hair extensions.

Bear in mind that the sun will naturally lighten your hair extensions especially lighter colours and reds. Keeping you hair protected and moisturise will help minimise this and any dryness you might encounter.

After spend a lot of money on your beautiful hair it is always important to follow the simple aftercare instructions to get the best of your hair.

I recently gave my views on looking after your hair extensions in the summer in Get The Gloss Magazine. Here is the link the helpful article:

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