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I hear so many hair extension myths when I meet with clients to do consultations and when I am chatting with people about my love of hair extensions. Sadly most are very wrong and a lot of people are caught in the dark ages when it comes to their understanding of hair extensions. I pride myself on offering the best revolutionary non damaging hair extensions. My aim is to make sure no one will know you have hair extensions in and when you have them removed your hair will remain in the same beautiful condition as pre-application!

Her are the top 4 Hair extension myths I want to bust today 🙂

1. Hair extensions damage you hair.

This is just not true!. If you get your hair extensions applied correctly by and experienced and reputable hair extension technician using a kind application method such as cold fusion technology you should not encounter damage to your natural hair. You should follow the after care instructions carefully after the application and keep to your removal date to ensure that your hair extensions don’t grow too far down your head.

2. Hair extension are only for creating long hair.

This is a massive myth we hear regularly and is just not true. Hair extensions can be used just to add a little volume and thickness. A fuller look can be achieved with just a couple of packs of hair and if I am honest this is one of my most popular services! Length does not always have to be the aim.

3. Everyone will know I am wearing hair extensions.

No, there are lots of different hair extension application methods out there at the moment but a great example of the best is Extension Professional’s cold fusion pre bonded method. This application method provides a discreet and comfortable application and bond. The bonds are flat and sit flush against the head so are almost completely invisible to the eye and to the touch. Make sure you technician gives your new hair extensions a natural looking precision cut and no one will ever know your secret!

4. You need to give you hair a break in between each set of hair extensions.

If your Extensions are being applied and removed by a technician who is doing the job correctly and have chosen a kind hair extension application method then a break in between sets is not necessary. Your hair should continue to remain strong and undamaged throughout the lifespan of your hair extensions and you can easily have your old set removed and your new set reapplied on the same day with minimal fuss.


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