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Keratin Extensions

Keratin extensions are one of the older, more traditional hair extension methods. Keratin hair extensions, also known as keratin fusion extensions or keratin bond extensions are strands of hair that are bonded to the client’s natural hair using keratin. Keratin is often referred to as ‘glue in extension method’ but it is in fact a glue-like substance that behaves like a glue, but is not a synthetic product like most glues.



What are keratin hair extensions?

Keratin extensions are tiny strands of processed hair or virgin (meaning unprocessed) real human hair extensions. The keratin bond extensions themselves look like a small cluster of your own hair, but with a keratin-based dried ‘glue’ at one end. In order to attach keratin extensions to your natural hair, either heat (hot fusion) or ultrasonic waves (cold fusion) are applied to activate the keratin ‘glue’ to attach the extensions to your natural hair. There are two types of bonds that attach keratin extensions – flat bonds and round bonds – and Louise’s team are trained in both methods.


 How long does it take to put in keratin extensions?

An experienced hair extension specialist can apply 125 bonds in 1 hour but this does not include cutting-in and styling. The time it takes to apply the keratin fusion extensions also depends on the customer’s head, and thinkness of the natural hair. 


What are cold fusion extensions?

Cold fusion hair extensions are keratin extensions but refer to the method of application. The cold fusion technique uses an ultra sound applicator to melt the keratin and bond the extensions to the natural hair. It is a common misconception that cold fusion hair extensions do not use heat to apply the extensions to your hair as heat is still needed to activate the keratin. The difference between cold fusion and hot fusion hair extensions is just the 

Are keratin extensions good for your hair?

Keratin extensions will not damage your hair if applied by an extension soecialist and looked after properly by the client. But out of all of the hair extension methods, keratin extensions are less kind to the natural hair because of the removal process. If you are looking for the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair, we would always recommend clip in extensions (for temporary use) and tape extensions (for permanent use). In both cases, these extensions will simply not damage your own hair.

Do keratin extensions fall out easily?

Keratin hair extensions should not fall out if applied correctly by a hair extension specialist. Keratin extensions should last between 3-4 months if they have been professionally fitted.

How long do keratin extensions last?

Keratin extensions last for up to 4 months with expert installation and care. It’s important to brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair concentrating on the root area to prevent matting and dread-locking. ‘Alot of girls are afraid of brushing their hair when they have extensions in, but this is key to keeping the hair tangle-free and healthy for longer,’ says Louise. ‘I would also recommend not to sleep with wet hair as this encouraging your extensions to become matted.’

How much do keratin extensions cost?

The price of keratin extensions depends on the length, thickness and the quality of hair used as well as the client’s desired end result. Keratin extensions prices range from £400 to £4,000.

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