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As you probably already know anyone that you see with full thick gorgeous hair is usually wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions have become a woman’s secret weapon they were also refered to in the mail on line last week as being the anti-ageing miracle With more and more woman conscious of their age and celebrities on the front cover of magazines with there glossy hair its no wonder the hair extensions industry in the UK is calculated at an estimated  60 million I the UK alone.

But there is a secret you must know about hair extensions most of the D list celebs who are on social media flaunting their locks are usually given the hair by brands and then in return made to do Instagram posts and tweets.

Some celebs and Instagram bloggers will do what ever it takes to get a free set of hair. So just because someone on Instagram is raving about something does not actually mean it’s the best. There are many companies with low quality hair that will give it for free to get that tweet but if the product is free or cheap when it comes to hair extensions it will defiantly be a quality that is cheap and wont last.   Be warned don’t believe all the hype. True A list stars would never dream of wanting to exchange hair for Instagram posts they always want the best quality hair and are happy to pay for it.

Every week I get emails asking for Instagram collaborations to give free hair, the hair I uses is the highest grade in the world its Siberian hair it’s not like normal Russian hair. Normal Russian hair can be quite bulky and a bit course. The hair I use is fine shiny with movement and naturally silky too which makes it perfect to match with most European hair. Siberian hair is super expensive, and it lasts it’s the crème de la crème in the industry.

When you see a celeb or blogger raving about some hair extensions  they probably have a Chinese product in their hair and they got it for free, it doesn’t mean it the best they are just returning their duty for free hair.

When you see a hair dresser with An A list celebrity and the celeb is not actually doing any PR you know it’s the real deal and the celebrity chooses to wear that hair because they know it’s the best.

Check out Jlo wearing the brand I use on her birthday J this in a nut shell says it all Frank Galasso is Jlos hair stylist and he mentions her wearing it.

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