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The use of hair extensions is on the increase. More and more women are becoming aware of the importance of their hair when it comes to overall attractiveness, and grooming routines. Tape hair extensions offer the flexibility to thicken or lengthen the natural hair quickly ans safely,

There has also been a greater awareness that hair extensions can do a lot for a girl. With longer hair, you can do so much more. You can wear it loose, tie it in pigtails, wrap it in a bun, wear it straight, curl it, and choose many other styles when you have longer hair to play with.

The company Great Lengths carried out a survey a couple of years ago and found that 13% of women were currently wearing hair extensions – which is more than you might have expected. What was even more extraordinary was that they asked the women they surveyed if they would consider wearing hair extensions in the future even though they did not currently do so, and got an astonishing 93% who answered that, yes, they would consider hair extensions.

Part of the reasoning seems to be that hair extensions have come on considerably from the days when they had to be glued in with something Gorilla glue. Not only did it take forever, but it could also be painful. Worse still, the natural hair would get damaged when the extensions were removed.

Today we have tape extensions, which are London’s best hair extensions and which I make considerable use of for Louise Bailey hair extensions work . I only source the most reliable and well-known brands. Working with more than one brand enables me to use the best particular product for every individual, because everybody is just that – an individual. No two of my clients are the same: they have different types of hair, different lengths, prefer different styles, and have different goals, with different expectations.

Tape hair extensions are available in a variety of colours and lengths. In one recent study of 2,000 women it was found that 21% of respondents were suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. 58% of those women felt self-conscious, and just over half of them avoided having their photographs taken. According to the NHS, around one in five women in the UK suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is a hormone condition that causes hair to thin.

There are also other conditions such as thyroid disorders, pregnancy, alopecia, and of course cancer, which can also causes the hair to thin. Tape hair extensions are great to help to conceal such problems. This can mean that women suffering such problems can now restore their confidence.

There are a lot of different tape hair products on the market and some of them are not great for the hair. I have had experience of new clients who have had poor quality tape hair extensions, and it has taken as long as an hour and a half to remove them in some instances! This is because of the sticky residue that has been left, which is very difficult to remove without pulling and damaging the natural hair.

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