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Taking care of Hair Dreams Quikkies is just as important as getting them put in in the first place with a good hair extensions technician. If you’re considering visiting one of our expert extensionists in London, or maintaining your existing extensions, we’ve outlined some great tips and advice for how to keep your hair looking perfect.

Think Long-term

While there is a limit to how long extensions can last for, you will be able to keep them for a considerable amount of time as long as you look after them well enough. We recommend being gentle with your hair whenever you are handling it, whether you’re brushing it, washing it or applying your favourite style for the day ahead.

Brush with Care

Don’t brush hair like you would with your natural hair. Instead, use one hand to firmly hold the attachments near the roots, while you use the other hand to brush through your strands starting at the bottom working your way to the top. This will make sure you are not putting to much pressure on the extensions, which could cause stress on the natural hair or pull them out completely if you are too rough with your brush.

We also recommend-brushing your hair regularly before bed and when you wake up in the morning this will help you to maintain a consistent groomed look with out too much effort. Also will prevent any tangling around the root area.

Avoid Tension

Avoid excessive tension or pulling on your hair and tape-ins. This means don’t use any tight braids or tight ponytails that will put a great deal of stress on your extensions. Low pony tails are good and loose plaits are ideal.

Choose Hair Products Carefully

You can’t rely on the natural vitamins and resources your natural hair will receive from your scalp. As your extensions are no longer organically attached to your head, it’s important to choose products that will offer some additional care and treatment to keep them healthy and prevent them from drying out. If you need a recommendation, get in touch with us for advice on treatment products for hair dreams quikkies in London.

There are a number of ranges from different brands that offer treatment and conditioning products for hair extensions, but the right one might also depend on your goals and your hair type. At Hair-extensionslondon, we can help you decide on the best choice to match your needs.

Wash Your Extensions Regularly

It’s good practice to wash your extensions tow  to f3 times a week. Washing your extensions every day can caused the boded or taped areas to disintegrate quicker. Washing to much could cause the extensions to dry out if your constantly having to use heat to dry them. On days that you don’t wash your hair, avoid conditioning and oil products near the attachment of the extension at the root.

Do not feel scared when washing your extensions they will not fall out from washing when they have been applied correctly make sure you scrub your scalp and create a good lather all over the head. When conditioning do mid lengths and ends only and comb through before rinsing they conditioner of the hair.

Blow drying 

Once you have washed your extensions we recommend you towel dry your hair and comb the hair through thoroughly, let it air dry a bit before stating to attempt to blow dry and smooth the hair. It’s okay to blow dry extensions that are made from real hair.

We recommend using some form of heat protection spray as extreme heat can quickly dry out your hair. You should try to make sure all your hair lengths are completely dry from root to ends before using curling wands tongs or irons.

Night-time advise 

You can tie your hair in a loose pony tail but it’s not essential, put it in a braid or wear it up in a bun before you go to sleep in order to prevent your hair extensions from tangling. get some nice soft scrunchies if you want to do this, scarves can also be used and sleeping on a silk pillow case can prevent mating too.

If you’re arranging your hair dreams quikkies in London at our salon, we can advise you on exactly how to look after your hair Extensions are night


Be careful when colouring your hair as chemical processes like highlights or even perming can damage the structure and surface of your hair. We can help recommend the best products for you if you’re interested in colouring your hair after your extensions have been applied.

Arrange a Booking or Consultation

We understand that many people have been forced to stay away from their salons and hair specialists over the last few months. While restrictions are lifting and bookings are now available under new safety guild lines you may still have personal reasons to stay away from our salon. This doesn’t mean you can’t contact us for advice for maintaining your hair extensions or to arrange for a one-to-one appointment in the near future.

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