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We have all seen girls walking down the street with miss matched hair extensions….. This is a pet peeve of mine. I have chuckled at facebook posts about the hair extension disasters that have ensued from people going to cowboy hair extensionists like everyone else but in all honesty it is something that i am passionate about eradicating! Don’t get me wrong is not easy to get the perfect colour match on everyone. Some times as a hair extension technician you get client walk through the door with unusual colours and you are going to have to find a colour to match. But it is possible, you just need to take a little bit of extra time and use good quality products.

This happened to me recently I had a client who had very vibrant red hair and it did not match any colours on my colour ring! So I had to think outside the box a bit! I have come across this great product called Crazy Colours,  this particular client actually uses crazy colours on her natural hair to achieve her vibrant colour so in this case it was really the only way to get an exact match. I have found that Crazy Colours stain the hair cuticle very well. Unlike most hair extensions on the UK market my brand Extension Professional hair has the cuticle in tact. This means it will hold the pigment well. This client will then need to continue with the same colour maintenance regime as with the natural hair but will just need to be extremely careful to avoid the bonds as this will cause the bond to break down and deteriorate.

To get her particular red I used Crazy Colours on the hair extensions pre-application. I picked colour 35 on the Extension Professional Colour ring and used  half of “fire” and of half “cyclamen” on the Extension hair. This transformation took around 3 hours from start to finish including prep and cutting time. I used 150 bonds on Extension Professional hair.


The client was over the moon with the finished look! Another job well done 🙂

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