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Have you ever been sitting on the train or bus when someone with a mismatched hanging slab of hair extensions sits in front of you and you sit there thinking “has she looked in the mirror?!”  Well this happened to me recently and I had to literally fight the the urge to tear them out an scream “What are you thinking?!!”

My passion is creating natural looking hair extensions for my clients and I would seriously have nightmares if I let one of my clients walk out with anything less than perfect hair! Sadly it is very common to come across these bad hair extensions. It is practically impossible to name a celeb who has not dabbled in hair extensions good and bad. We all remember Britney Spears‘s pictures of her with her hair being blown by the wind revealing a matted mess of glued-in extensions!

So if the rich and famous suffer stringy, matted, mismatched hair extensions what hope is there for the rest of us?!

Well the answer is there is hope. It is about finding genuine hair extension technicians who care about the look and finish of your hair and not just about the money it can bring.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when when you are trying to create natural looking hair extensions.

1. Use good quality hair. I always use my brand Extension Professional which supplies 100% human remy Indian temple hair. I know that all the hair is ethically sourced and I have full confidence in the amazing quality.

2. Correct colour match. I can not begin to explain how vital the colour matching is. This is a major tell tale sign of bad hair extensions. Your technician should be able to find your perfect match at your consultation.

3. Application method. For me personally Cold Fusion Technology is the way forward. The old glue-in round bond method tends to cause the most damage to the natural hair. With the cold fusion method it uses almost no heat and no glue. The flat bond created sits flush against the head making it discreet and comfortable for the wearer.

4. Cut and finish. Now this is where you really do sort the men from the boys! Cutting hair extensions is not the same as just cutting hair. It takes skill and training to be able to give your client a natural look. When cutting hair extensions you should not just cut a straight line across their back and hang up your scissors. You need to take time to get rid of all of the blunt cut, square ends. Make sure the extensions blend seemly with the natural hair. Our hair extension Course at Extension Professional is one of the only courses that takes time in the training to give a hair extension cutting workshop.

Hair extensions are genuinely a great way to get longer, fuller tresses and not everyone has to know. Done properly you will be able to rock the celeb red carpet look with no problem. x

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