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Ellie Goulding is one of my long term  hair extension clients and recently when I was doing her hair extensions she told me she wanted mermaid hair. That is a phrase that I keep hearing. I am loving this new trend! Mermaid hair is the natural  looking beachy type waves that I think comes from the beautiful Disney characters such as Ariel from the Little mermaid with a thick, flowing wavy mane of hair!

This kind of hair wold have once been completely unachievable but now is very much the norm with amazing natural looking hair extensions from brands such as Extension Professional (which is my hair extension Brand used on Ellie)! Below is a pic of Ellie’s Mermaid hair created by myself when she went to the Roberto Cavalli show.


This new hair craze is very popular at the moment and can be achieved even if your natural hair is not quite long and thick enough to start with. You should have a full head of Extension Professional hair extensions applied and then you get that natural beachy wave by using a wand. The bigger the sections taken the looser the wave. Use the wand on all of your hair and finish of with a spritz of hair spay to keep it in place.

I have been doing hair extensions for many years and particularly love doing the mermaid hair look. Think it some how gives women a confidence boost once they can swish their lushious locks! I mean we all wanted to be the Disney leading lady at some point didn’t we? 🙂

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