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There seems to be a lot of confusion around this and we would like to shed some light on it. Here are the facts.

Hot fusion Application – These applicators can reach 220C. Now that is hot!  Hot fusion is quite similar to a soldering iron that constantly stays hot unlike it’s cold fusion counterpart which only activates its power when you press the button. This heat is used to melt the keratin mixing it in to the natural hair usually using a rolling method. Protectors must be used on the fingers otherwise your fingers will be burnt to a crisp. Once the keratin is cool it becomes hard and your hair and the bond are fused together. This is how the hair extension itself remains in your hair. This method can take several hours application time and can be quite messy. When its removal time acetone is often used to break down the bond and remove it from your hair. Acetone is very damaging to our natural hair, it strips the cuticle and weakens the hair making it very susceptible to breakage.

Cold Fusion Application– This is a relatively new method. It is substantially quicker and can take 90 minutes depending on your technicians expertise. The applicator itself remains cool to the touch. An ultrasonic vibration is used to create minimal friction heat which in turn melts the keratin enough to make it pliable. Believe it or not our experience is a lot of cold fusion machines on the market melt the keratin in to the hair as per the hot method leaving the same damaging factors to come in to play upon removal. Extension Professional’s gentle machine and method heats it just enough to allow the technician to manipulate the keratin and create a neat flat bond. The fact that this method does is not actually mix the keratin with the natural hair makes it unique in itself. It is sealed around the  hair creating a sleeve. This means when it is time for removal its is much quicker. We have the only Cold fusion Method on the market that does not mix completely with the natural hair. Extension  Professional uses an acetone free remover so  that removal is not damaging to the hair.  One thing that people tend to take for granted is the importance of the composition of the bond and remover. If these do not complement each other and have the right ingredients it will make removal hard work and damaging to the natural hair.

While everyone one has their preference one thing to bear in mind is any application method can be damaging if care and attention is not taken by the hair extension technician. It is also vital that the client should take care whilst maintaining their hair extensions. The extensionist should be qualified by a reputable and accredited hair extension company where possible.  The most important thing to remember about finding a hair extension system is that it is vital that it has all the components that are going to create a the best business opportunity for you and an reliable service for your clients. Factors to take in to account are:

  • Hair Quality
  • Quick application and removal
  • Comprehensive training and education
  • No damage to the clients hair after multiple applications

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