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Diamonds are passé and girls’ new best friend is hair extensions. As soon as you try them on for the first time, you will agree that you cannot live without them.

Of course, there are lots of hair extension options available in the market today that you can use to add extra volume or length to your hair. But, as an experienced hair extensionist catering to the extension needs of  stars and actresses, Louise Bailey recommends tape-in hair extensions. They are my absolute favourite as they are a perfect semi-permanent solution that you can wear for a up to 8 weeks at a time Clip-ins are a quick method of sporting a different look for particular events, but tape-ins are something that helps you flaunt healthy, bouncy and shiny hair every single day.

Below given are some of my top reasons for favouring tape-ins.

l  Comfortable and lightweight: Once the extensions are taped into your natural hair, they blend in seamlessly. Since our tape-ins are meant to be worn for up to 8 weeks at a time  and you can even sleep wearing them, the extensions are extremely light. Made of a light material, the tape does not irritate the scalp as a special type of surgical tape is used to attach to the natural hair.  As the extensions are lightweight, you do not have to worry about hair breakage and damage. In fact, you will hardly realise that you are wearing extensions.

l  Waterproof: As I, Louise Bailey, said before that tape-ins are created to be worn for up to two months. This is why tape-in extensions are waterproof. You can go to a gym class and sweat or take a swim without worrying about the extensions falling out or damaging the extensions.

l  Style it in any way you want: Tape extensions need to be attached by an expert but once they are in, they can be styled in any way that you please. They can be styled into braids, ponytails and many other styles. You can be sure of a natural look. Furthermore, you can colour, dye, straighten and curl the extensions to sport trending hairstyles.

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