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I just had to share the story of a  inspirational woman I met last week. I have been in contact with my client Claire for 1 year. Claire has been through a great amount, she discovered she had cancer of the liver with a 15cm tumour whilst pregnant. She had to deliver her baby 2 months premature and a year later after four surgical attempts to remove the cancer, underwent a live donor liver transplant from her brother immediately after unsuccessful chemotherapy.

As with a lot of cancer patients she lost her hair but has been growing it for 1 year now. During the past year I have been speaking to her advising her at what point I can attempt to apply hair extensions for her. Claire has been desperate to get her luscious locks back from the day her hair started falling out.

So last Wednesday was the big day, it was very satisfying to do such a big transformation on someone who it meant so much to. While I applied the extensions she told me more about her story and at points had me in tears. It is truly amazing story and she has now had a film made about it

Above is the transformation we managed to achieve. I am pleased to say that Claire was over the moon with the finished result. I hope this kind of story can help critics of hair extensions realise that hair extensions are not just about superficial vanity, of course every woman wants to be beautiful but when you have been through such a journey it can help women regain their confidence and feel feminine again. x

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