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The most common questions people ask us at the moment are: Is it safe to get hair extensions yet? And, when can I book an appointment? There isn’t a simple answer to this, but we’ve outlined important things you should consider when booking your appointments for post-lockdown – whether they are with us or any other beauty service provider.

Social Distancing

Obviously, hairdressers and anyone offering haircare or extensions will find it impossible to distance themselves completely from their clients. However, they will be able to seriously reduce unnecessary contact through social distancing practices and hygiene protocols. For example, clients can be kept away from other clients  during their visit to the salon, as well as distant from other staff members or extensionists.

Waiting Areas

Waiting areas should have limited numbers of people, or people should be waiting in their cars with very specific appointment slots. It is important that all waiting areas also have good ventilation with air conditioning units functioning efficiently.

Face Masks

Face masks can create some unusual challenges for extentionists. It can be difficult to judge how something looks on a client when part of their face is obscured, however, it is still an incredibly important safety precaution that can curb the unnecessary spread of the virus.

Time Efficiency

One of the things we really miss is simply chatting with our lovely clients and maintaining our strong relationship with our community in London. However, it is becoming standard across many sectors and practices for non-essential treatments and activities to be carried out with minimal time wastage. We will be limiting the amount of clients in the salon at one time


Good hygiene is obviously a priority in all public settings today. Objects and surfaces that receive frequent usage need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Also, hair equipment and tools should be treated with even more attention when it comes to ensuring hygiene standards are met.

Personal hygiene 

In addition to the above, it is also necessary for you to ensure you are doing your utmost to improve your own personal hygiene standards. A few things you can do to reduce risk include:

  • Check your temperature before you attend the appointment and if you have a fever or show any symptoms, you should cancel your booking.
  • Perform hand hygiene before you enter the premises, and keep vigilant and maintain good personal hygiene during your whole appointment. And don’t be afraid to expect others around you to be doing the same.
  • Wear a mask if it makes you feel safer
  • Take a shower or bath, and wash your hair when you return home. You might also want to wash your clothes.

All chairs station and sinks will be cleaned before the client sits in the chairs

General Precautions

For those who are prepared to start using the services of a local hair extension expert in London, one of the first things you need to consider is the safety procedures in place in your salon of choice. Don’t be afraid to ask the awkward questions.

Also, be mindful that you also have your own responsibility to follow government recommendations, such as staying at home when you show symptoms of the virus and wearing masks if you feel you are high risk.

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