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If you’re dreaming about having hair extensions for your wedding day, or simply want to achieve a bridal hair look that’s not possible without longer hair or volume, wedding hair extensions are the answer.

A far cry from the straggly strips of the early noughties, (Paris Hilton, we’re looking at you), hair extensions have come a long way. They can now be expertly blended into your own hair, and colour matched for a subtle style that looks like your own hair, only better.

Hair Extensions London expert Louise explains everything you need to know about hair extensions for your wedding day…

Which hair extensions are best for brides?

Which hair extensions are best for your wedding day depends completely on the bride. For brides looking for a temporary solution, I would always recommend clip in hair extensions for weddings, especially if they are just wanting something for the big day and don’t want to commit to permanent extension methods. Clip in extensions are also ideal for up dos and adding extra body and length to achieve a fuller bun or ponytail.

Tape extensions are also very popular with brides because they can have piece of mind that their hair will look and stay good from the wedding through to the honeymoon without having to do much themselves.

How long before the wedding should a bride get extensions fitted?

For tape hair extensions, I would suggest to get them fitted a week or two before the wedding. This would allow the bride to wash the extensions, plan the desired bridal look with their stylist, and get the feel of having extensions in.

If the brides would like extensions fitted for her hen, most tape extensions can be re-fit and worn three times so the bride can have the hair extensions from her hen all the way through to her honeymoon. If the tape extensions are fitted for the hen do, the bride will just need a re-tape before the wedding. We also recommend another re-fit before the honeymoon.

Will the hair extensions show if the bride has an up-do?

If the extensions are applied correctly on the head, they will not show. Any reputable and professional hair extensionist will be able to place the hair extensions in the right position so they do not show.

The bride can wear high pony tails and half-up half-down dos with hair extensions that are fitted properly. However, it’s worth considering your desired style before opting for the type of hair extension. As mentioned before, tapes would be best for fuller, down-dos while micro rings or bonds will look seamless in sleek up-dos.

Do tape extensions damage the hair?

Tape extensions will not damage the natural hair when they are applied correctly by an experienced technician. The brand is also key when it comes to choosing hair extensions for your wedding day because the brand determines the hair quality and method of application.

The pivotal combination of a good brand and professional technician will result in no damage and the natural hair will remain untouched, in the best condition for it to grow naturally.

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