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I am very happy to announce that I will also be working at Harrods London. I was recently head
hunted to help roll out a hair extension area with in the Harrods hair and beauty salon. The Salon
which was originally there was Urban Retreat this left Harrods store in 2018 and was taken over by
Harrods its self.

The Salon is based on the 5 th floor, there is a whole world of beauty products and services up there.
The hair extension industry is huge in London and Harrods really wants to offer a superior hair
extension service for its customers. I am very excited to be part of the setting up process of a hair
extension Boutique area with in the salon itself. The hair extension area will offer the finest Russian
tape hair extensions in the world.

I had the pleasure of training six of the existing Harrods hair dressers in the tape hair extension product, the
hair dresser were excited to be using this fantastic product. After researching many products to
place in Harrods for this new project I felt Richy Hair extensions would be the best quality for the
Harrods customer. With this in mind we are working closely with the Richy Hair brand to deliver a
brand-new hair extension concept to London. This concept will stock a wide range of hair ready for
customer to view, we will be offering a walk-in service for. The customer will no longer have to a
book a consultation and come back for your hair fitting it can all be done instantly.

We have Moe Harb who is a hair extension specialist who will be working alongside myself delivering
complete colour and hair extension transformations in store. We will be offering a hair extension Re-
tape service, and clip in hair pieces which will be available of the shelf. Harrods want to offer the
very best quality hair extensions with an elite team to apply them.

This project is going to be rolled out in July. in the mean time I have been working with influencers
and beauty editors to get some media awareness of this fabulous new hair extension concept that is
coming soon for all your hair extension lovers.

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