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I have been working within the hair extension industry for over 10 years and have encountered a lot of myths along the way! It is my mission to enlighten you all to them and help everyone understand how great hair extensions can be if you just take the time to get it right!

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many head of hair extensions I have done in my time. Every head is different and everyone’s perception on what they want to achieve can also vary greatly. The challenge of getting everyone’s hair perfect is what drives me!

Below I have listed the top 3 hair extensions myths I have encountered over the years.

1. Hair extensions are only for people who want long hair.

WRONG…. how very wrong indeed. Hair extensions can alter length yes but they can also create volume only too. I have many women of all ages coming to me for volume only. Some women simply have hair fine hair, some are older women who have found their hair has got thinner with age and some just want their hair too look fuller when down. Don’t miss the fact that they can also be used to introduce some colour to the clients hair. Hair extensions are versatile and a little can do a lot!

2. Everyone will notice that I have hair extensions.

Not on my watch they wont! Hair extensions can be discreet and almost invisible to look and touch. I use a flat bond, applied using cold fusion technology that sits flush again the head. My ethos is minimal bonds to create maximum effect! After application I give my clients the perfect cut, making sure that I trim all the square ends off the hair extensions. No one would ever guess my clients are wearing hair extensions – This is something I pride myself on!

3. Hair extensions damage your hair.

Hair extensions will only damage your hair if they have not been applied correctly using a good product. If you make the right choice of hair extension technician your hair should remain strong whilst wearing you extensions.  Do your research before application and make sure you are confident in the hair and method being used. Something to remember is often these very cheap hair extensions are the damaging ones, go to a reputable salon you really do get what you pay for. Pay cheap- Pay Twice! x

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