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Moe Harb - Hair colour Expert

To achieve amazing Hair Extensions is a combination of great hair colour service matching great application and hair extensions product. Many clients come to Louse Bailey with damaged hair, most of the damages are done through over processing of colour which causes the hair to break off also leaving the hair fuzzy and thinning. Some clients’ hair won’t grow because the hair has been over processed.

We often hear from many people that their hair doesn’t grow, a lot of the times it is due to bad colour service and over-processing of heat tool that cause the hair to break of which makes the people to believe that their hair isn’t growing. However, on the contrary, the hair is growing but it ends up snapping.

When a client comes to us with thin brittle hair, we start with the accessing process in which we would go through the client’s daily styling habits. Louise’s ethos is to always improve the clients’ natural hair whilst wearing hair extensions. Louise puts seriously damaged hair into hair extensions rehabilitation program. This will involve a masterplan to get your hair in great condition with 6 inches of amazing growth within 1 year.

Louise and Moe’s success story for Hair and rehabilitation program. This rehabilitation program involves hair colour service which we can assure to cause no damage to the hair by keeping the top part of the hair strong while we apply hair extensions on the underneath part of the hair.

Why is our colour unique?

We are a salon that offers expert colour and hair extensions as these two elements go hand in hand.

A deep technical understanding of colour placement for hair extensions requires a unique skill that most hairdressers don’t generally have.

We never over-process the hair which will allow the top part of the hair to grow thick and strong whilst supporting the underneath of the hair with extensions.

We achieve this with our special technical colour placement of highlights, baby lights, balayage with a blend of Hair extensions.

You may be a client that has a full head of tint every 4 weeks. We have in depth experience of placing full head colour tint without removing your extensions.

This is a skilled process that needs to be done correctly, otherwise you will end up damaging the regrowth of your hair (which is in between your attachment of the extensions and the root area).

It is really important for you to look after this part of the hair for the hair to grow thick and strong.

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