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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hair extensions do I need?

The length and thickness of your natural hair determines how many hair extensions you need to create the desired finished look.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The price of hair extensions depends on the quality of hair used and the amount of hair extensions required to created the desired final look.

To find out how much it will be to get hair extensions with Louise Bailey, book in your Hair Extensions London consultation now.

How many hair extensions for a full head?

How many hair extensions you need for a full head depends on what hair extension technique you are using, the thickness of your natural hair and how much natural hair you have to begin with as well as your natural hair-line and the shape of your head.

How often do hair extensions need to be replaced?

Bonded hair extensions need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months while tape extensions can last around 8 months with maintenance appointments every 2 months. 

How often do you need to wash hair extensions?

You should wash your hair extensions as often as you need to. Washing extensions everyday can lead to deterioration of the bonds aor tape-in products. Louise recommends to wash your hair extensions not more than three times as week to keep them in the best possible condition. Blow dry with a Regincos Brush and a nozel on your hair dryer for a smooth finish.

How often do hair extensions need to be changed?

Hair extensions need to be changed every 3-to-4 months if you are having pre-bonded hair extensions. Otherwise, micro-rings and tape extensions need to be changed every 6-8 months as the hair can be reused at least 3 times but this is all dependent on the hair quality.

How often do hair extensions need to be tightened?

Hair extension maintenance differs depending on the hair extention technique and the thickness of the client’s natural hair. 

How long should natural hair be for hair extensions?

To have hair extensions fitted, your hair needs to be at least 4 inches all over including the top layer as you need this to cover the bonds or tapes.

Can I colour my hair with hair extensions fitted?

Louise advises to get your colour done just before you have your extensions fitted. 
But you can still have colour your hair with hair extensions in, but an expert approach is always needed when dealing with hair colour and extensions
If your hair grows fast and your grey roots are coming through, you can have a T section of colour applied at 4-6 weeks while still wearing the tape extensions.
At 8 weeks, you can have your extensions removed and have your full head of colour done at the same time as your re-tape if required. 

Is it normal to lose a few extensions?

You should not lose any hair extensions in the pre-maintenance period if you follow the correct hair extension method’s after-care.

With tape extensions, you should avoid hair oils and dry shampoo as these products cause the tapes to slip.

Do tape hair extensions damage your hair?

Louise Bailey is dedicated to looking after the clients natural hair. Tape hair extensions are much kinder to the hair than all other types of extensions because there is no glue or heat. When a reputable brand is applied by a specialist, tape extensions do not damage your natural hair.

How long do tape extensions take to apply?

Louise and her team are super fast at applying all types of hair extensions. The tape extensions method takes anything from 15 minutes to an hour to apply a full head of extensions. This includes preparation, cutting and styling times.

Can your hair grow with hair extensions?

Your natural hair should grow normally with hair extensions fitted if applied by a hair extension specialist like Louise.

Can you wear hair extensions on holiday?

You are fine to go on holiday with hair extensions but as with your natural hair, it’s important to protect your hair extensions and scalp from sun damage so wherever possible, cover your head with a hat or cap.

It is also recommended to tie your hair up to keep your extensions away from oils and sun creams as these can discolour the hair extensions.



Can you go swimming with hair extensions?

You are fine to to go swimming in the sea or pool with hair extesnions, but it is extremely important that you rinse them thoroughly after as salt water and chlorine can cause the bonds or tape-ins to breakdown and even discolour the extensions.

Can you use hair straighteners on hair extensions?

You can use hair straighteners on 100 percent real human hair extensions but constant heat styling will damage the extensions just like your natural hair.


What are the best products to use on hair extensions?

Louise recommends Adem London and Pureology haircare shampoos and conditioners. She also recommends Hairdreams products as thse are specially made for hair extensions.

When conditioning your hair extensions, apply to mid-lengths only and comb through before rinsing.

Louise recommends that you brush your hair extensions twice daily using a Tangle Teezer starting at the end of your hair extensions, working your way up to the bonded area abd brushing gently over the bonded or taped area to prevent matting.

Hair Extensions Aftercare

Once you’ve had your hair extensions fitted, it’s important to look after your extensions to keep them in top condition. Here’s how to look after your hair extensions…

Hair Extension Do’s:

  • You can braid your hair when going to bed, this will hinder any tangling of the hair.
  • Brush your hair daily, start from the tips and work upwards.
  • Wash your hair upright, scrub scalp between tapes/bonds and rinse thoroughly
  • Dry the hair before going to bed
  • Do make sure you enjoy a good sunny holiday, just make sure you wash out any pool or salt water from your hair as soon as possible
  • Chemical processes should be handled by stylists (keratin treatment, colouring, perm)
  • Only condition the hair from the ponytail down avoiding contact with the root area or tapes however you can apply conditioner generously throughout the ends.
  • When colouring your hair, make sure you remove the tapes as it would affect the tape.

Hair Extension DON’Ts:

  • Do not use products that contain oil or alcohol close to the tapes/bonds
  • Do not use dry shampoo and hair conditioner near the tapes/bonds
  • Do not brush, wash or dry your hair upside down
  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • Do not use excessive heat on the tapes
  • Do not get sunscreen, tanning oil or bronzing creams on the lengths of the hair
  • Don’t attempt to maintain or adjust your extensions yourself. Any issues leave it to certified professionals.
  • Don’t leave your hair wet for longer periods of time without detangling as may become matted.
  • Do not sit in the sauna for a period of time
  • As hair grows, the distance from the scalp increases the bonds/tapes to twist. Follow your hair extensionist’s advice but keep to your removal date.

Note: It is not abnormal to lose a few tapes here and there during your 6-8 weeks period of wear. However, if you lose your tapes before the time you are due for re-tape, The Hair Extensions Lab will provide complimentary re-tape.

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