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How long does my hair have to be to have Extension Professional hair extensions?
Your hair needs to be at least 4 inches all over including the top layer as you need this to cover the bonds.

How long will Extension Professional extensions last?
The Extension Profession Extensions will last for approx 12 weeks depending on your natural hair growth. After this time it is vital that you have them all removed to prevent damage to your natural hair.

I am going on holiday, can I swim and go in the sun with them?
Hair Extension do not cope well in the sun and in salt water. After swimming it is extremely important that you rinse them thoroughly as salt water and chlorine can cause the bond to breakdown and dis-colour the extensions. We would always advise that it is best to get your holiday out the way before having extensions. The sun and different types of water can affect your extensions making them difficult to manage especially if you are a first time user of hair extensions.

Will hair extensions ruin my hair like glue bonds and weft can?
Extension Professional are dedicated to looking after the clients natural hair therefore our hair extensions are much kinder to the hair than all other types of extensions. Extension Professional uses the unique C shaped bond which wraps around the natural hair. There is no mixing glue with your natural hair. It is the mixing process that most other systems use that causes damage and snapping of the natural hair upon removal.

Should I expect to lose any bonds?
You may loose a small amount if any bonds with the Extension Professional System. Some clients do not loose any bonds in the 12 weeks others loose one here and there, it all depends on how frequently you wash and style your hair. They will not shed like many other brands.

Do I need to have to have maintenance?
You should not need any maintenance with the Extension Professional system during the 10 to 12 weeks of wearing them.

How long does application of Extension Professional hair extensions take?
Around 90 minutes for a full head, this does not include preparation, cutting and styling times.

Can I use hair straighteners on my Extension Professional hair extensions?
NO it is not recommended as the high heat damages the extensions, hair extensions do not look good poker straight! We recommend, wands, hair dryers and rollers to be used on a low heat and we advise to use a heat protector.

What products should I use on my hair extensions?
We recommend Extension Professional Shampoo and Conditioners. You should always use sulphate free shampoos and conditioner and make sure you keep oil based products away from the bonds. When conditioning your extensions apply to mid-lengths only and comb through before rinsing, You must brush your hair extensions twice daily using a Tangleteezer starting at the end of your hair extensions wor king your way up to the bonded area brushing gently over the bonds to prevent matting.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?
You should wash your extensions no more than 2 times as week to keep them in the best possible condition. When drying them use a small amount of Kerastase Xerim on the ends after towel drying. Blow dry with a Regincos Brush and a nozel on your hair dryer for a smooth finish.

What if I have an active life style?
Any one with an active life style ie – excessive constant gym use can lead to excess sweating. The salts from excess sweat can cause the bonds to break down.

What if I colour My natural hair?
We advise that you get your colour done a week before you have your extensions. We recommend at 6 weeks to have a T section of colour applied avoiding the bonded area. At 12 weeks you have them all removed and have your full head of colour done. Getting colour between the bonded area and scalp can damage your natural hair. This in special cases can be done but your hair dresser must speak to one of team for advise before doing so.

Old glue bond system Vs Extension Professional Hair Extensions
Glue bonds are the culprit of mass damage within the hair extension industry, when forming a round shape bond the hair is automatically put under stress due to the glue mixing in with the natural hair to form a rice shape bond. The Extension Professional bond is flat bond which eliminates the need for mixing and rolling, mixing our keratin is designed specially to stick only to its self and not the natural hair making the removal easy and damage free.

Micro rings Vs Extension Professional Extensions
Micro rings are metal shape rings that hold the extension hair in the head these rings are often too heavy for the natural hair which can cause damage and are a lot more visible. Extension Professional bond is colour coded lightweight and sits flush against the head creating a seamless finish.

Weft hair Vs Extension Professional Extensions
Weft hair extensions are applied to the head in a long strip. The strip of hair is then sewn on to tiny plaits that have been made in the natural hair. This type of system is recommended for afro Caribbean hair only!! European hair cannot with stand these small plaits with the weight of the weft sewn on to it. In many cases it snaps the natural hair and causes balding.

Extension professional hair is applied as small individual bond on a light weight attachment which causes zero stress to the natural hair.


  • Brush extensions from root to tip with a Tangle Teaser
  • Keep head upright when washing hair
  • Gently comb conditioner through hair when conditioning then rinse
  • Try not to shampoo and condition your hair more than 3 times a week
  • Every 10 days leave on you conditioner on for 15-20 minutes then rinse. This will help keep your hair soft, nourished and rehydrated
  • Only use the recommend shampoo and conditioners
  • Loosely tie or plait hair at night when sleeping. This is optional it can be left down
  • Always use a bristle brush when blowdrying and ensure the nozzle is on your hairdryer blowing straight down the hair shaft from the root
  • Use a heat protector when blow drying hair
  • Where possible avoid using hair straighteners—these will damage the hair and rapidly shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions.
  • Avoid serums and oil (such as Moroccan oil) on the root. These should only be applied to mid lengths and ends. Oil on the bond of tape can cause your bonds to slip
  • When visiting the hairdressers for a blow dry advise the stylist to take extra care not to cause too much tension
  • Ensure you keep to the date of removal. After this point the bonds or tapes start to grow down the hair and become noticeable and can damage the natural hair
  • Always make sure you rinse your scalp properly when you shampoo your hair whilst wearing hair extensions. With all the extra hair you have you need to scrub in between the bonds or tapes and rinse well. A build up of shampoo can cause severe scalp irritations.

Extensions take a while to get used to depending on each client. It is important to let them settle. This usually takes around 2 weeks. Louise also recommends visiting a salon once a week for a professional wash and blow dry whilst wearing extensions.

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