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I have just finished our Extension Professional May hair Extension Training course. It was a great course and we had a very high caliber of trainees I must say. We are not going to be holding any more hair extension courses until September. We are taking a little break to be able to concentrate on all the extensionists we have trained and make sure everyone is up to the best level they can possibly be. We will then start again in September all guns blazing. Already we have many bookings for our September course so I am very excited about that! 🙂

Here is an example of one of the models that was done by one of our trainees. As you can see the cut and finish has been done to a high standard and a great attention to detail has been taken.

Here are a couple of tips to follow to help get the best final picture:

Make sure you have given your client a precision cut , ensuring all the square ends have been taken off. These square ends give the extensions the “hair extensiony” look.

Blow dry the extensions and curl under the ends.Work the hair to get the best finish.

Make your before and after pictures consistent.

Good luck x

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