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Louise Bailey and her hair extension company Extension Professional is quickly becoming the best hair extension brand in London. Lately Louise and her Extension Professional team’s feet do not seem to have touched the ground. Louise Bailey’s magic hands are in massive demand at the moment. With A List Celebs such a Ellie Goulding and Vanessa White from the Saturdays wearing her brand and singing the praises of the damage free hair extensions it seems there is no stopping her!

So why are these the best hair Extensions in London we hear you ask…..

Well Louise Bailey and her Extension Professional Team pride themselves on reversing the damage done by badly applied hair extensions within the industry. Louise’s work shows that hair extensions can look completely natural, leaving the client with hair that remains thick and strong upon removal of the hair extensions.

Below is proof that Extension Professional hair extensions do not damage the hair. This is a clients hair immediately after removal of her extensions. As you can see there is no damage to the natural hair.

There are many factors that are making Extension Professional shine brighter than the rest! Their clients agree the hair quality is amazing, Processed gently using a de-pigmentation process that can take 20 days means the cuticle remains intact ensuing there is no matting and dryness of the hair. This method also eliminates shedding of the hair.

The bond created using Extension Professional’s Cold Fusion system is a neat flat bond that sits flush against the head, this type of bond is much more comfortable for the wearer and causes less tension on the natural hair.

One of the most popular factors loved buy Extension Professional clients is the removal. This is one of the quickest removal techniques. Due to the bond composition and acetone free remover working together to break down keratin and slide easily out of the hair leaving behind no damage. Removal can be achieved in around 30 minutes which is very quick! After all you do not want removal to take as long as application!

Extension Professional also offer the best hair extension training in London too running Habia and Babtac accredited courses at their Training academy in Mayfair London. They are passionate about raising awareness of how important it is to ensure that the teacher that is delivering your training is a qualified. There are many things to bear in mind when deciding to embark a hair extension course or making a decision on getting hair extensions yourself. Take time to weigh up all the pro’s and con’s!

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