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As a busy hair extensionist who has been in the business for many years I have encountered people asking me for all sorts of things, but one thing that comes up time and time again is the request for clip in Extensions. The problem for me with regards to clip ins are that I don’t like how clip in hair extensions generally look in clients heads. They are often obvious and don’t look natural at all. I decided to look in to making natural looking clip ins and this is when my Extension Professional Clip In range was born!

We are about to launch our new range of clip in hair extensions but they are a little different from the norm. They don’t require and cutting and are in less pieces….. I mean who has time to place up to 10 different clip in pieces in their hair all the time anyway?! This can be extremely time consuming to apply and very obvious in your head. Extension Professional’s new range of clip in hair extensions consists of just 2 pieces. This unique design gives natural looking full, thick ends.

We have just done our photo shoot for all the marketing and it went perfectly…. Here is a sneaky peek at the shoot.


So right now all i can say is what this space over the next few weeks we shall reveal all… 🙂

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