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It’s not very often that I write about anything that is not hair extension related (As you know I am obsessed with hair) But on this occasion I am going to make an exception this is from one person at the top end in their field to another.

I recently did a lovely hair extension client who looked amazing, we chatted away while I was doing her hair extensions and she mentioned that she had had botox done by an excellent Doctor called Michael Prager. Apparently he uses some new technology that works particularly well and ensures a natural look. This was music to my ears as I have always worried that any kind of botox or fillers would give me that puffy look that so many celebrities that have over done it have!

I made an appointment with him and went to see him and find out what its all about. His Wimpole Street surgery is “the place” for those seeking natural-looking ‘minimally invasive cosmetic surgery’. He specialises in Botox and fillers. In Dr Pragers capable hands, 15 minutes or so of minor pin pricks you are undamaged enough to carry on your day without anyone being any the wiser.


Dr Prager has some exciting new technology. He uses a Vectra 3D camera(picture left) to take photos of his clients face in full 3D beauty. He can then use this information to sculpt out his clients finished look. This is where he has the key to ensuring that he gets it just right and natural. This is also a great way of comparing how they look before and after and understand the true impact. This cleaver little piece of technology can:

Detailed facial diagrams and measurements

Mesure volume difference

Offer close more complementry procedures

So now I’m going to own up to what i had done:

  • Botox on my lower face and neck
  • Fillers above my eyebrows and cheeks

I can put my hand on my heart and say I’m so happy with the outcome. He has managed to reinvigorate my look. I keep getting compliments but not from people asking me what “work” I have had done but from people saying how well I look. That is exactly the way it should be. Thank you Dr Prager! 😉

Here is Dr parger’s contact detailsdetails:

25 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8GL

020 7323 3660


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