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It’s a fact that coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on the lives of every one of us, not least on those engaged couples who were going to hold their wedding in the last few weeks. Those have all been put on hold for the time being for the simple reason that a wedding party involves all the family and friends and is a big gathering.

However, there is now some light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is only a very small light and still seems far away. A June wedding has long been the dream of many a bride because the weather is always good, but it is out of the question this year. Nonetheless, you may well be planning a September wedding or an October wedding, and the weather can still be really good at that time of year, even if the heat of summer has started to cool.

In fact, you probably should be starting to plan ahead now, because not only will there be all those couples who had already planned for the autumn, but there are also all those who had planned for May and June who will be looking to marry in the autumn, so the result is that venues could become difficult to find and overbooked.

Of course, once you have booked the date and the venue, as a bride-to-be you will need to book an appointment with Louise Bailey for your wedding hair extensions in London. While things have been quieter than usual recently, We envisage that once lockdown has eased and couples rebook a date for later in the year, all those brides to be will want to book their hair extensions appointments back in with Louise bailey again.

One of the things about being a hair extension specialist as well-known and regarded as Louise is that she can only attend to one client at a time. This is much the same position to be in as Nicky Clarke or John Frieda: both are great hair stylists, but they can still only handle one client at a time, and there are only so many hours in the day.

This is why We would suggest booking your appointment for wedding hair extensions in London with Louise now rather than leaving it, even if it is three to six months ahead. If you do leave it until later, it may just be that she won’t be able to fit you in for the date that is required.

Furthermore, by booking ahead not only will you be sure to get the date that you want, but it also gives you plenty of time to consider exactly what sort of extensions you want – colours, length, and so on – for your big day.

Louise is available for consultations at Oxford Circus location and also at Harrods. We are hoping to open both locations on the 4th of July as the government has stated it’s safe to do so then. This will enable you to consider exactly what you want done for the big day and book your appointment at the same time.  If you are too busy to come up to the West End at the moment or you still feel unsafe to leave the house due to the virus, Louise also offers an email and/or Facetime consultation.

So as soon as you have your wedding date booked for later in the year, contact Louise by email or phone and her team will ensure that you get booked in at the right time.

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