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When you look at celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, you probably marvel at their wonderful hair. They look glorious flaunting their bouncy hair but most people would be shocked to find out that these celebrities are using the help of “Hair Extensions” to enhance their already beautiful hair.

We’re going to tell you a secret that will change your life forever! You can achieve these glorious hair too. Kylie Jenner loves to use clip-in Hair Extensions to extend her already beautiful hair. JLO on the other hand loves the Tape Hair Extensions to achieve the lighter pieces to ensure no damage on her natural hair. Are you excited as we are?

Facts on Clip-in Hair Extensions

  1. Quickest and easiest way to add length and lustre to your hair
  2. Clip them in and have a great looking hair in 10 minutes or less
  3. Ideal if you play sports, swim, attending event (Simple and Swift, remove and reapply whenever you are ready to conquer your day)
  4. Practise, Practise, Practise (As the saying goes – Practise makes perfect)

How to care for your Clip-ins?

Clip-in hair extensions do not receive natural oil from the scalp, requires very minimal washing

It all depends on your lifestyle as you may only want to use the clip-ins on a Friday and Saturday night out

  1. Wash it every 15-20 wears if no excess of build-up products as they would become difficult to style
  2. Wash it the same way you would wash your hair.

– Use your basin with full of water

– Apply shampoo and then rise off

– Apply conditioner working it through the hair

– Rinse if off, and then rise again in cold water to lock in the moisture

– Finally, lay flat on a towel to let the extensions air dry

TIP:  The lesser you wash, the longer they last

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Our clip in hair extensions are made from ethically sourced human hair and are available in a choice of 18 different shades!

The extensions are 16 inches long, staged wefts that blend perfectly with your own hair, showing no lumps or bumps.

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