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Having been doing hair extensions for many years I have built up and strong and loyal client base. I also get lots and lots of new customers enquiring on a daily basis. For this I am grateful and excited everyday to meet a new client and decide a plan of action for achieving their dream hair!

In this day and age I am sure most of us are aware that hair extensions are not only for the young ladies who want waist length hair. I have a wide range of clients ranging from young women who what to achieve the above to mature women who just want thicker hair. My brand Extension Professional specialises in natural looking hair extensions. We work to ensure that your natural hair is not damaged while you have your hair extensions in. I have devised several techniques so whether it is length or thickness you require one of the following application techniques will be suitable for you:

Professional Lengths –I use this technique on clients who want to add thickness and length to their natural hair. This technique changes the dimensions of the hair and achieves the most noticeable and dramatic difference! It is possible to double the length of the natural hair. Although I do not recommend more than doubling the length as the clients hair will not be able to take the weight of the long hair extension. It will in most cases cause damage to your natural hair. So please keep this in mind. This is usually classed as a full head of extensions and will last up to 12 weeks

Pro Volume – This technique is great for people who have thin or fine hair. Pro volume adds thickness and volume only using a minimal amount of attachments. This means that it is less visible in fine hair and also less damaging as there is not as much stress put on your natural hair. We create a fuller more groomed looking style using this technique. I have found that a lot of older women who have gone through the menopause and found their has has become thinner benefit particularly from this technique.  This is usually classed as a half or partial head and again lasts up to 12 weeks.

Pro Colour Flash – This is a technique used to create a colour transformation such as high light/low lights or dip dyes without using chemicals such as bleach etc. This is great for someone who wants to change their hair colour regularly or who wants to avoid chemically treating their hair.

All of our extension services are bespoke,  No two head of hair are ever the same so it is impossible to quote a price until you have had a consultation and a chat about what you want to achieve.  (All consultations are free.) Remember we want to make your dream hair perfect for you so make sure you are clear in what you want to achieve and you wont be disappointed! x



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