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In this day and age we all love a good deal! There are lots of sites that offer discounted holidays, products even hair extensions! Groupon and Wowcher have made a mint offering massive discounts on all sorts. Most of us would bite their hand off to get the most luxurious break, product at half the price and feel pretty damn smug when we do!

Well I had a client come to me feeling not quite so smug after snapping up a Wowcher deal for hair extensions. She paid a mere £150 for a full head of micro ring hair extensions. What a bargain you must be thinking….. Wrong, this was far from a bargain and more of a disaster! The hair extensions were a hairmare!

blog3The poor girls hair has been badly damaged by ill fitting hair extensions. Her scalp was red and sore with tension spots all over her head where the micro rings were pulling at her natural hair. Her head was getting so sore she couldn’t sleep! The sectioning and placement were a mess…. I was very shocked. But the ultimate shock cam when we pulled all of her hair to the back so I could have a look the final finish and blending. This Extensionist (and I use this term very loosely) had literally whacked the extensions in a left them, no cutting no blending… nothing! This unsuspecting client had been left with a mass of hanging extension poking out from under her natural hair. (See Picture left)

I have always stressed that when it comes to hair extensions you really do get what you pay for and this is a perfect example. Pay peanut and get monkeys! Always do your research and never get drawn in by these too good to be true deals. Any extensionist worth their salt would NOT be offering massive discounts on sites such as Wowcher and Groupon. But please don’t get me wrong these sites are great for certain discounts but in this industry its very risky!


Anyway all of that aside you will be pleased to know that she came to me for help and I was more than happy to help her. I gave her a full head of Extension Professional Extensions and she is over the moon with the finished result! (Picture right) She regrets ever going to this original cowboy and would, like myself always recommend that people avoid these types of deals when it comes to hair extensions. Its just not worth risking damaging your hair long term. So all of the deal hunters out there beware!

Thought of the day -Pay cheap, Pay twice!




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