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Why I Love Training New Extensionists

We have just completed our September Extension Professional Training Course. This was an extremely successful course and the transformation achieved by our new trainees was beautiful. I love showing our newbies how to make such a substantial change to clients hair. I...

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Let’s Bust Some Hair Extension Myths!

I hear so many hair extension myths when I meet with clients to do consultations and when I am chatting with people about my love of hair extensions. Sadly most are very wrong and a lot of people are caught in the dark ages when it comes to their understanding of hair...

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Best Volume and Lengthening Extension by Me

I have been doing hair extensions for along time now. I love creating many different looks for my clients. Sometimes a subtle change still has a big impact. People often don't realise that extensions are not only about length. Although I do love doing a big...

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Hair Extension Myths Revealed!

I have been working within the hair extension industry for over 10 years and have encountered a lot of myths along the way! It is my mission to enlighten you all to them and help everyone understand how great hair extensions can be if you just take the time to get it...

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Extension Professional May Training

I have just finished our Extension Professional May hair Extension Training course. It was a great course and we had a very high caliber of trainees I must say. We are not going to be holding any more hair extension courses until September. We are taking a little...

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Using Hair Extensions To Creating The New Ombre look!

There is a lovely new trend in town and that is the Ombre look hair. This look can be achieved using hair dye or hair extensions if you don't want to put colour on your natural hair. My personal preference is using hair extensions to achieve this look. My brand of...

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How I Gave Ellie Goulding Mermaid Hair.

Ellie Goulding is one of my long term  hair extension clients and recently when I was doing her hair extensions she told me she wanted mermaid hair. That is a phrase that I keep hearing. I am loving this new trend! Mermaid hair is the natural  looking beachy type...

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The Secret to Creating Natural Looking Hair Extensions

As anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about creating natural looking hair extensions. My passion is so far embedded in me that I have actually started up my hair extension brand Extension Professional and have created a hair extension training course that I use...

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Extension Professional at the Princes Trust Awards!

  My lovely client TV presenter Anna Williamson recently took part in “Splash” on ITV and came 5th, we were super proud of her! During her time on splash she didn’t wear our extensions as the constant chlorine would not have been good for her extensions but as...

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