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My Hair Extension Brand Extension Professional just completed it’s June/July training course. I’m please to report it went exceptionally well. We love nothing more than great feedback for our trainees and thankfully we have had nothing but!

We run our hair extension training courses quarterly. The reason for this is so we can dedicate time to each new recruit and can monitor them through their first few hair extension clients to help control the quality of their work . This way each new starter is signed off with their certificate before the next course starts.

Day One was great and consisted of getting to know everyone and giving background on the hair extension industry and the brand. We showed them how to apply the extensions on  a head block. Everyone picked it up really well!

Day Two is our live models Day where our trainees get to apply a full head of hair extensions to a human head for the first time. We then show them how to cut the hair extensions using our special technique that guarantees a natural finish every time! This day is my favorite, its hectic and extremely busy but everyone feels the buzz of their first hair extension achievement!

We are now working with our new recruits and looking forward to seeing all of their new creations!

Our next course is on 16th September 2013 and can wait to meet all of the new hair extension technicians! 🙂

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