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This week I came across a true hair extension horror story and just felt that I had to share it! I was so shocked by the state of these extensions, it really does truly sadden me that people are allowed to practice hair extensions when this is the sort of work they are producing!

It took me 3 long hours to remove these extensions, Her scalp after was extremely sore! They had only been in a couple of weeks and she had already had some of the extensions falling out, pulling her natural hair along with it. She lost 10 bonds in 8 days. At the end of each bond that had fallen out her natural hair was poking out the top. This is how you get bald patches! Now unless you want to end up looking like Phil Mitchell I would strongly advise you to think twice about what kind of extensions you get! The fact of the matter is you really do get what you pay for when it comes to hair extensions. I personally feel that baldness is an unquestionably high price to pay! The old phrase springs to mind “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys”

You need to remember your hair only grows around half an inch a month so to grow 6 inches of hair is going to take up to 1 year. If you have ended up with several bald patches from badly applied hair extensions you are looking at a maybe 2 years to grow that hair to the bottom of your neckline! Now to anyone who has experienced this I ask the question…. Was it worth it? I doubt it very much!

I would hazard a guess that this terrible work is the product of the 1 day hair extension courses. These courses offer no ongoing support so the new trainees are let loose with their hair extension kits and a very limited knowledge. Everything has tried to be jammed in the the trainees brain in ONE day. As human beings on average we can only remember 4 things at a time.

How can they learn the art of hair extension application in a day? Answer: They cant!!

This is why my brand Extension Professional offer a 2 day course and 5 case studies completion with full support throughout. Our new technicians are not left to their own devises but given constant support and monitoring from our dedicated team! We are members of the Fellowship of hairdressers and our course is also accredited by Habia and Babtac! I truly believe the rules within the hair extension industry needs to be tightened up and we are joining the fight. We have joined forces with ‘The Hairdressing Council to help with there petition to make all hairdressers registered. In doing so we aim to eliminate the unnecessary stress, damage and pain that can be caused by not only bad extensions but incorrect colour or cutting from unqualified individuals! Here is the link to join:

I hope there are many more hairdresser and hair extensionists who share our passion for cleaning up the industry! Dealing with Hair extension nightmares like this breaks my heart and I hope we can eradicate this kind of work! x

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