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For the pahst 2 years I have not worn any type of hair extensions. I was a true hair extension addict and felt that I couldn’t live without my head full of as many extensions  that my poor little head could fit! This is the first time since I was about 14 years old that my hair is completely “au natural” with no colouring or extensions at all. As I have always worked within the hair industry i have had everything going done to my hair! I can thank my fiance for helping  me see the light. When we first met he was shocked that I had all these extensions in my head. I would not allow him to touch my hair and it was forbidden for him to see me without the extensions in between sets! As a man he could not understand it, must have thought I was a lunatic first off! But I am sure any woman who relies on hair extensions will understand what I am talking about!

My fiance would tell me that he could not see the difference and I was just as beautiful without them and gradually he talked me in to trying to go without my hair extension…. lured by the promise of lots of head massages i agreed! 😉

I now realise that it was all in my head and was nothing to do with my hair but my own self confidence! Sadly the years of hair extensions has taken its toll on my natural hair and  i was saddened by how thin and broken my hair had become. This was years of slap dash application and a “get as many bonds in my head as you can” mentality that has caused this. This is the point when I decided I had to do something! I vowed to sort my hair out and try and regain the lovely hair I once had! So i have let it grow for the past 2 years, I get it trimmed regularly at Four London and use nourishing  masks on my hair a couple of time a week.

All of this got me thinking, surely not all hair extensions have to be damaging? I was spurred on to look in to this more not only as a wearer of hair extensions but as an hair extensionist myself. This is the point I made it my mission to build an extension brand that offers non damaging hair extensions. Extension Professional is my baby, it is the company that I have built from the ground up with the help of a loyal team working by my side. We have developed a unique and exclusive bond that will not damage the hair if applied and removed correctly. We train hairdressers only and are extremely strict on all trainees, passing our course is not easy.

I am proud of my brand which speaks for its self and I have finally got to a point where I am happy with the standard of my own hair. Now I want it longer, but I want to see if I can grow it naturally!

I have come across these products which I am going to try:

1. Fast shampoo –  F.A.S.T (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) it claims that your hair will grow up to 2 inches in only 1 month if used everyday. It contains a blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids which provides the basis for the ultimate in quick healthy hair growth.

2. Biotin is a vitamin B complex which has been claimed can help grow healthier and stronger hair and better skin and nails.

I am going to keep you all updated the progress and let you know how I have been getting on with it all over the next few weeks or so. Wish me luck 🙂

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